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February 24, 2006

Oh skating

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I love figure skating. I was bummed hearing yesterday afternoon that S.Co fell twice during her free skate, but after seeing her program on tv, I wasn’t too bummed about it anymore- she fell twice in the beginning, but really nailed everything after that. Her skating is just so pretty. The japanese girl that won did have an amazing backbend type thingie in that long diagonal floaty thing they all do now (I’m so technical! ph34r!). It was pretty too, but it was like the only pretty part. If S.Co hadn’t of fallen, she would have killed the Japanese girl with her score. But she did well, I enjoyed her performance. The Russian skater is not my favorite, she’s all muscle and athletics, there’s no artistry *at all* in her skating. You can be precise (even without falling), but if it’s flat and emotionless, then it’s boring.

I hope they broadcast the World Championships on tv. I heart skating. If I wasn’t so tall, my parents might have let me try it. I liked it enough when I was little. But people who grow up to be nearly 5’11” don’t really make great figure skaters!

 I knitted on my Turtleneck Shrug last night. Noro Kureyon, and less 6 sts from what the pattern says to initially cast on for the sleeves. I hope I can pull of the math for finishing it. I think if I turn everything into percentages I’ll be ok.

Last, but not least a huge Happy Birthday! To my lovely hubbaroo. Such an angel. For some reason one of his favorite shows is Bravo’s Blow Out, because Jonathan Antin is such a whack-job (SO LA!!!). I loved last season’t finale where they show him watching clips of the show, and they show a clip of him crying (because the man cries on every show), then they pan to his face, and he’s crying as he’s watching himself cry! Hahaha! Well, the hubbaroo likes his style and such, and loves his quotes (“I don’t say ‘handsome man’, I say GOOD LOOKING DUDE! I don’t say ‘beautiful woman’, I say HOT BABE!).. so I got him the DIRT hair stuff. Which works nicely and smells really yummy. Mike got a huge kick out of it. He especially liked the quote on the box about dirty hair, and I really thought the “celebrity tested” bit was hilarious. Ahhh. The little things. We’re going out to dinner tonight. Should be nice. 😀


February 22, 2006


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So I’m knitting my Sockpaloooza’s socks! Whee! I was going to use Jaywalker, but then I remembered the big Jaywalker fiasco of early January, and I decided that if my pal has feet like mine, they’ll be too big. Damn those Jaywalkers. I tried like 3 different yarns, a few different needle sizes, and oh yeah MATH to make them work and they ended up narrower, but a bit too narrow. So I’m not risking it. It’s a cute pattern, but seriously not for me. Also, my pal said she likes a lot of negative ease, so that’s the final straw. No wide Jaywalkers! 

So, I’m knitting Amelia’s Nautilus socks. The best part about this is that I get to use some stash Koigu that I have been SAVORING- it’s been waiting for the perfect project- and this is it. It’s just…. well, I’ll take some photos (I owe this blog many!!). Beautiful. And from the e-mails I’ve received from my pal, well, I know she loves Koigu and she is very deserving of the prettiest yarn I’ve ever seen.

 I started knitting Trellis, and I HATE YOU TRELLIS. I have to rechart everything, because it looks like the author knit Continental, and I knit English, so the way I do it is backwards, and the left twists and looking like limp, untwisty bands of stockinette. Boo. So I shall start over. And cry. I hate reading charts, because I like to watch tv when I knit, and it’s not exactly easy to do both at the same time. So, it was a waste of a good 3 day weekend with all my flase starts. I kept thinking I was just making the twist incorrectly, but nopers. At least the problem was resolved, thanks to some kind lady on the Knitlist (you are awesome!).

I ALSO started the Turtleneck shrug from Scarf Style out of some Kureyon my Mom got me, and I’m of course having gauge issues, so I have to find someone out there who has knitted this to tell me the gauge of the 3×3 ribbing. Because even though I compensated for gauge, it was off the stockinette measurement, and last night I thought, DAMN that’s a huge sleeve! SO yeah. Boo.

 In other words… knitting is not my friend this week. Neither is my sister’s cat. I’m taking care of my sister’s cat while my parents are in Jamaica, and so last night I went over there to hang out and watch figure skating and American Idol. After letting her furry ass out of the laundry room for like 4 whole hours, it took me 20 minutes to catch her. How did I catch this evil, hissing, biting wretch of a cat? I finally used a blanket like a net and totally got her! HAHAHAHA! You should have heard the fuss she made. It was like I was killing her. With 8 million knives. And then I put her in the laundry room and she was all staticky. Ha ha. She deserved it. And I love cats! I have 4 of them! Sheesh!You know she should be thanking me. I live like 45 min away, and I almost (almost!!) hit 3 (THREE!!) deer on the way back. Brat. I did thank the deer for being clever and running the opposite direction of my car, because otherwise I would have hit all three. And that would have been awful. 

February 15, 2006

Romantic lamps

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Well, Valentine’s day was perfect for me. Seriously. We didn’t fight the crowds at any restaurant, we went out and bought some sorely needed lamps for our living room. Perfect night! My two favorite things! My sweetie and shopping! Mike has this thing about buying me cute costume jewelry, and I guess he stopped into TJ Maxx to look for a pin, and saw the lamps and took me back there later that night to see if I’d like them. They were so cheap! Buy your lamps there! At Home Depot they’re like 3 times as much. We got two glass and sliver-esque lamps that go with our silvery blue living room for $30 each. With shades. Well, the shades have to go because they’re too short for the lamps, but still! $60 for tall lamps!! That are fancy!!!


February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Even if you don’t have a Valentine, I love you for reading this blog. 😀

So anyway. ON THE HOME STRETCH WITH CLAPPY! Will I finish it tonight? Dunno.

Awhile ago I bought DH a smoking jacket on eBay, and since his birthday is in 10 days, I’ll go ahead and give him the jacket today. We got a record 20″+ of snow on Sat/Sun, so I didn’t get a chance to get the “herrr product” for him. I have to sew a sash for the jacket, since it came without one. I couldn’t match the fake velveteen, so I had to get real velvet with a similar pile. To be honest, the only difference I can tell between the two is the insane price of real velvet… $30/yd! Thank goodness I only needed enough for a belt! I did get half a yard to be on the safe side (I keep typing YARN for YARD… hehehe!). If I was a better sewer I would make a little shruglette with puffed sleeves and a gentlewomanly collar. But I can’t sew or make patterns for sewing. And this stuff costs too much for me to eff up! I could try making a mock up, I suppose, but who knows where my fabric stash went to after we moved to our new house. I think I stored it at my parent’s house, but they also moved. :/

So after today, because today is Chocolate Holiday, I am stopping with the sugar and caffeine. I was forbidden any by my cardiologist, and I’ve decided that maaaaybe I should listen to him. I asked Mike to get me a treadmill for Valentine’s Day, I wonder if he would do it? We kind of strapped for cash right now since I have to keep taking half-days here and there for stupid doctor’s appointments, and he’s re-doing our bathroom.  Which, by the way, looks much better with teal drywall than with icky brown and cream tiles. And the toilet! Much better than that gross yellow thing. And the sink! Still not installed! Heeeeee. After the floor. Which is this weekend.

 I bought Marriner’s version of Mozart’s Requiem, and maybe it’s just me (and it probably is), but I like Dohnanyi’s version with the Cleveland Orchestra better. I think I’m biased. I was fortuante to be the little girl of parents who had season tickets to the Cleveland Orchestra when we lived in Ohio (til I was 13). So anything coming from that era of my life is A++++ in my book. Too bad I only have that version on cassette!! I listened to it over and over during my final semster of senior year in college. Especially while I did my typology problem sets! I worked my tail off and got a C in the class. Trust me, it was verrry appropriate to listen to a death mask while figuring out the various syntax of polysynthetic languages. Yeah, exactly. That’s why I got a C.

February 10, 2006


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My DH doesn’t know about this blog yet, so I am going to post what I’m getting him for Valentine’s Day. And Mike, if you’re reading, please stop. 😀 I know you love suprises and I wouldn’t want to read this! Anyway, for some reason, he really loves Bravo’s show about Jonathan Antin, hairdresser to the Beverly Hills elite. He loves his attitude, tattoos, hair, and his shirts. You know those striped Banana Republic button-down oxford shirts? Yep, he calls them “Jonathan Shirts”. And when we were at some awesome outlet mall this past summer, he found a pair of slip-on Timberlands that he said, “Hey, these look like Jonathan SHOES!!” At any rate, his non-sexual crush on the man is so endearing, so I am going to get him some of Jonathan’s DIRT hair product for Valentine’s day. Mike has a love of his hair, and I have to admit, Mike has good hair. It’s thick, it’s wavy, it’s dirty blond and so James Dean. I only hope our kid’s hair will be as nice. So getting him DIRT for Valentine’s day is a great present for him. I can’t wait to see his face when he opens the present up.
And of course, this is an excuse to go to Sephora (and lucky for me it’s only 15 min away from where I live, hee hee hee). Maybe I’ll go after work to avoid all the snow we’re supposed to get this weekend. You know what else I want to get? Hot rollers. Yep. Hot rollers. I saw Chloe on Project Runway had them in her hair early one morning, and I was like, “Ooooh… that’s how her hair is so nice!” And since my hair is asian-like (fine strands but really thick), maybe it’ll work for me.
I dropped 2 stitches on Clappy last night. 8 down, 4 to go on the straight section (I think. I did one less repeat than called for). I’ll probably start decreasing Saturday night or Sunday!! Maybe Sunday won’t see much knitting- I might be going XC-Skiing with my Dad. I always did downhill skiing when I was younger, never XC. I’m excited. I can pretend I’m in the Olympics. 😛 I need to go to Campmor and buy new ski pants, though. Hope I can find a deal. My old ones are from HS, and I had like 30″ hips back then. Seriously. I’m by no means overweight, but I don’t have 30″ hips anymore!!

February 9, 2006

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So last night I drank my way through half a bottle of wine and knit some more on Clappy (and watched Lou Dobbs, American Idol, Lost, and Project Runway, a ha ha ha!). I actually got 3 straight repeats done, so I was able to drop 3 stitches. Twisting the stitches next to the dropped stitch on both the knit and purl side is really making this shawl- it looks so clean. The perpendicularness of it is beautiful combined with the organicness of the hand-dyed CTH silk/merino. Though I still HATE the fuzziness. I have to individually drop each stitch and pick the fuzzies apart one by one. UGH SO FRUSTRATING. It takes forever to drop them one by one, then pick them apart.
If I keep knitting so much (about 5 hours last night!! whoa!!), I’ll be done with it before the Olympics end! Cool! I’m so excited for the Olympics. I used to watch them when I was a little girl, with my Dad. I was about to go into the first grade in 1984, and I just loved Mary Lou Retton and the track/field events in the big stadium. On one of my first days of school, I drew my Dad a huuuuge picture of the stadium filled with people, and with the games going on. He framed it and it’s been in every office he’s had since then. 😀 
I haven’t even thought much about Trellis, but I will once I finish Clappy. It’s a pretty mindless knit, so there’s nothing to report about really. I’ve thought a lot about the Hourglass Sweater, and I hope the shaping of it doesn’t affect me too much. I’m going to have to lengthen it about 3-4 inches due to the fact that I’m almost 5’11”. My Mom always had to sew my dresses when I was little, because store ones were just too short and I have a small frame. She would add 3″ to the torso and 3″ to the hem. I was never embarrassed by the fact that my Mom made my dresses, they were always really pretty and very well sewn. Which is why I want her Clappy to be perfect, you know? She did that for me, so why shouldn’t I do it for her?

February 8, 2006

One at a time

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I was on the Clapotis 2005 KAL yahoo group, and someone recently posted about their finished Clappy out of the same yarn, different colorway. She put a photo up, too. AND OMG. It’s so much nicer than my Cherry Tree Hill Silk/Merino. Not fuzzy, the colors are bright… blergh. I’m jealous! She also used 3 skeins (one more increase section, two more straight sections, then I guess one more decrease section), and had 5 yards of yarn to spare. Heh. I might have a heart attack. I only have 2 skeins. I am doing one less increase, and I guess it will be one or two less straight sections, then one less decrease. Another poster on the group made her CTH Clappy this way and was able to finish, but she may knit looser or tighter than I, and I might still have a problem.

I plan to finish this during the Olympics. As a consequence, I did not join the Yarn Harlot’s Olympics. I can’t start something new in the middle of a project! Kerrazy! My One-Project-At-A-Time rule does not apply to yarn purchases, though. Hee hee hee. Or book purchases. Or magazines… last night I bought Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and enough Paton’s Classic Merino to make the Hourglass Sweater. It’s a lovely tomato color, and I think I’ll look great in it with my dark hair. I always go for teals when I make something for myself, so I thought I should break habit and stop matching things with my eyes. This tomato will compliment my dark brown hair nicely, I think. And I don’t own any red pullover sweaters, just an old red cardigan that I only break out for Christmas (it’s not a Christmas sweater, though, I swear!! Do you really think I would wear one of those??) But when will I start this?? Ha ha ha. After Trellis. I have to knit that sweater by my friend’s due date. It’s important that I get this to her. She’s pregnant with her 2nd child, after losing her first to an accidental drowning just before the baby’s first birthday. It was an awful accident. I knit that little baby a really sweet camouflage sweater with a lace edge out of Koigu, and she wore it to all the important evens in her brief life. So of course, this sweater needs to be done, and it needs to be perfect.So, my guess is that I can finish Clapotis in about … three weeks, at the rate I knit. Then I can start on Trellis. And being that it’s smaller than Clapotis, I can probably get it done before the baby is born in April, with maybe some time left over to knit a little stuffed toy. OH! The Mom and Dad have two flufferino kitties that are all black (with log fur, just like my Tamika). It would be so sweet to knit a little stuffed black cat with black eyelash yarn!! I could knit Knitty’s Kate and just adapt it, and add a tail, because I think a cat with no tail (not even a little stub!!), is so weird. 😀

February 7, 2006

Effing Crapotis

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I shouldn’t blame Clappy. It’s not Clappy’s fault. I was half done with the effer, and not only did I somehow drop a stitch that wasn’t supposed to be dropped somewhere in the beginning of the straight section, but I just *knew* I was going to run out of yarn. So I frogged the whole thing! And started all over! But this time, I’m purling all the stitches to be dropped and not using stitch markers like before, but I’m twisting the surrounding stitches on the knit *and* purl side. I saw it on someone’s blog somewhere and it just makes things tidier.

 I’m actually not doing that well. The exam I was told would cost $40 is going to be $115, and there’s no way I will be prepared by next Monday. I study every day, and I get material from outside sources– but I have no idea what the exam will be like. Last night in class I learned the instructor used to own a racehorse and would “shoot it up” with a diuretic before races to make it run faster. ?? Let’s not even forget to mention his disjointed, unorganized lectures that have everyone going “where is he in the book? huh? what’s going on?? where are we??” SO mad. This class was seriously a waste of everyone’s time and money. I decided that I will take the exam in April, and I will be more prepared for it. What is the point in getting certified in something, then getting a job, and having no idea how to do it? This is pharmacy, people– do I seem like the kind of person that wants to ignorantly harm someone else because I didn’t have an adequate education?

 I’m so embarrassed to even say that I was really excited to take the class. I should have saved the money for our new bathroom. I could have bought more yarn! I could have gotten Mike a nice new overcoat with the money. I’m so disappointed. I just expected better, and I certainly didn’t get it. I hope my Mom isn’t too disappointed in me.

 And gosh, I didn’t mean for most of this post to be so down. I have to mention one other thing, and it’s really sad. My in-laws lost their cat Fred in his sleep this past weekend. He was almost 19. Poor little guy. He was Mike’s first family cat, and Mike was really sad for his parents and Fred last night. Also, my Sis-in-law lost her family’s dog last week- poor Candi had to be put to sleep. She was a beautiful German Shepherd. But honestly, I hope they don’t get another dog, as they left her tied up outside all the time, and put her in the garage when it was cold. That’s no way to treat a dog, if you ask me. What a boring, sad life she had. She’s a lot better off, and everyone knows all dogs go to Heaven. Cats, too.

 I’m going to think about happy thoughts now, like how I’m going to get a new job soon… 😀

February 2, 2006

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S4010004.JPGThis is what my husband does when he is alone with the camera.

S4010013.JPGSo he deserves a scarf. It’s My-So-Called-Scarf from sheepinthesity.prettyposies.com’s site. If only there was more gray in it, it would look like Parsley!

January 31, 2006


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Okay, sloooow progress on Clappy. I keep forgetting where I am and I have to rip back. The yarn I bought? Nice and soft, but HELLO FUZZY. My clappy looks worn out already!! NEVER again will I buy Cherry Tree Hill’s silk/wool dk.
4 jobs you have had:
• Barista at Starbucks
• Lifeguard during the summers at an apartment complex pool
• Graphic Designer for my University newspaper
• Typographer for a mean, mean, mean old man. *hates* At least I got to put together cool forensic journals. One had a chapter that featured nothing but dead men with their pants around their ankles. Most of them were upside down. Apparently, you can only live an hour upside down. Fascinating.
4 movies you could watch over and over:
• Not really movies, but any of the BBC’s Horatio Hornblower shows/mini-movies. *hearts*
• Amadeus
• Royal Tenenbaums (I actually did watch that over and over my Jr. year of college)
• Boondock Saints
4 TV shows you love to watch:
• Project Runway
• Rollergirls
• American Idol (Anyone else find it funny that the State of the Union address comes on at 9pm tonight?? AFTER American Idol?)
4 places you have been on vacation:
• Montreal
• Taos, NM
• Vail, CO
• Puerto Rico
4 websites you visit daily:
Of course, this is just the tip of the iceburg of knitting blogs I read.
4 of your favorite foods:
• Anything with artichokes and cheese!
• chocolate peanut butter ice cream (preferably from Saywells in Hudson, Ohio)
• pizza (really, I could eat it everyday, especially bruschetta pizza)
• cheese bagels
4 places you would rather be right now:
• A new job…
• grad school (soon, after my post-bacc)
• Vienna. I always wanted to go. Will you take me? Can we go to Mozart’s museum? I just want some chocolates and a t-shirt.
4 bloggers you are tagging:
• Oh gee. Does anyone read this??


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