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January 30, 2006


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Since I was sick at the tail end of last week, I got my manager and the secretary sick. I feel bad for getting my manager sick, but not the miserable secretary. She had it coming!! Really! You never met a more negative person in your whole life. There is no joy in her life, because she chooses not to see it.

 I finished My So Called Scarf on Friday night, and started Clapotis on Saturday. I wasn’t able to concentrate on any studying at all, so I just watched TV and knit (and frogged, and knit, and frogged…). My head was so not clear. Never knit when you’re sick. Things get waaay too confusing. And now that I’ve started Clapotis, I don’t want to put it down! But I have to for like 2 weeks. Such a pity. I think I’ll finish the increase section tonight after I get home from school, though (I have only 1 more row). I use Rollergirls as my Monday night knitting time. Too tired at 10pm to do anything but. But Clapotis is *really* fun, and I’m suprised I held out for so long! And the Cherry Tree Hill DK Silk/Wool is really lovely to knit with. The colors aren’t me (cobalt, plum, navy, turqouise), so I *might* give this to my Mom. Maybe. We’ll see. It sure feels nice.

 I did make a $40 KnitPicks order on Saturday… I got 3 skeins of Gossamer in the “Carribean” colorway for *another* Clapotis, 4 skeins of Merino Style (right?) in forest green to make that Trellis baby sweater from Knitty (for a friend’s baby due in April), a kimono-like sweater pattern, an aran pattern (for DH), and some new circs for that damn Angelina sweater I am having trouble finishing (Addi Turbos are too short and the metal was cutting into my palms, ow ow ow!). I CAN’T WAIT until I pass my exam in 2 weeks so I can just knit, knit, knit!



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