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August 12, 2006

Now I have no knitting!

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Sorry for the crappy image quality, I didn’t get a good photo of my Mom wearing the socks. But she really loved them! She was so impressed that they were so soft, and was dyed with cake icing dye. 🙂 KitKat, you did an awesome job on the yarn, sorry it took me TWO MONTHS to knit these! And they were my only project!

Now I am trying to choose what to knit. I am just… I don’t know! I don’t want to buy any yarn, I want to use stash yarn. I’ve got 1000 yards of white with flecks of gold and purple Brooks Farm Four Play (har har), I want to use that for something. But I don’t know what. I don’t want to make an accessory. I thought I would make my Clapotis out of it, but I have a black coat, and I just don’t think it would work. I want something sleeveless and young and cute. I like Ms. Marigold, so maybe something like that, but w/o ruffle sleeves. Is there anything other than Green Gable, too? Something similar, but not those patterns (I know, am I picky or what??).

I think I will start on Ms. Marigold, though. I have some Paton’s Classic Merino in this pretty Tomato red. I think it will be smashing, dahling. I’ll do a gauge swatch today at a BBQ. 🙂


July 24, 2006


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I don’t know why, but things got hairy when I went to do the short-row/heel-flap combo I yoinked off of Knitty’s Baudelaire pattern. I could no longer keep the socks on two needles, it was weird. So I just switched to the good old-fashioned one sock at a time method. I’m doing the second heel now, and when I get to about 3cm of ribbing, I’ll go back to two at once. I’m sure there was a way to do both heels at once, but I just was like, “hur??”.

I had a horrible week involving work drama and a blow out on a scary highway, and I had to take two whole days off because of transportation issues. So that’s why there’s real progress on the socks! I don’t generally knit for long stretches anymore. I had a great weekend, though. I saw ABBA with my sister, sis-in-law, and my niece last night. It was fabulous. The only original members were a drummer and the saxaphonist, but it was reallllllly fun nonetheless. The outfits the two women had on were HILARIOUS!!! One set involved colored spandex, tunics with a fox for one and a rabbit for the other, and gold knee high boots. So strange. Then let’s not forget the satin floor-length white and purple ponchos. So great. We had a lot of fun!

July 7, 2006

Time? What time?

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s4010018.JPGHad a long car trip to Ohio for a funeral/family reunion this past weekend, and I got a lot of knitting done on these sockies. I went with just my parents, and of course Mom loved the socks, so I guess they aren’t for me anymore. What can you do?

I made up the pattern, not hard, really. Cast on 12 sts for both socks using the Turkish cast on method, increase until you have 64, then insert 2×2 ribbing on the front. Turns out you get 7 ridges, so they’re lucky!! Now I have to work out the heel. I hate short row heels– they *NEVER* fit someone with feet over size 9 with high arches. Unless you increase out the ass. Which looks stupid. So I need to find a heel flap that I like.

June 11, 2006


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Look what I got for my Dye-O-Rama swap!!!! Can you believe it! I waited a few days to post, we had no sunny weather all this week and I wanted to take the best photo of the colors. KitKatKnits dyed it for me, she used Louet Gems and Wilton Icing Dyes!! ICING DYES!! With those colors! She sure knows her stuff! I've always been to scared to try icing dyes. 🙂 Now I sure know better. She included a bag of gummi bears in the packages, too– you don't see them because they are looooong one. 🙂 I love gummi bears.This week at work was awesome, awesome, awesome. My boss said, "Now you know what research is really like!!", and I was just like, "COOL!". Give me more of it! I was basically beta testing software/hardware for an upcoming study, and we had major bugs with it. I was like, "Bring it on!"

S4010004.JPGMike and I woke up early yesterday morning and drove down the shore to eat breakfast. We like to do this during the summer, it's been our thing for a while. We get up at 5, drive down to Point Pleasant, then drive around until we find something open. The place we found was at Point Beach, and it was open for the fisherman crowd. They used real, fresh potatoes for their hash browns (not frozen!), but they didn't serve pancakes until 8 and the coffee was terrible! So we got eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns and toast. 'Twas pretty good, greasy just how I like it.

S4010011.JPGThen Mike spent the day working outside, of course, while I ran errands. He had to make a lip in front of the garage, because it dips down and water gets all in there when it rains, getting everything wet. Here is is working it out 3 Little Pigs style!
S40100171.JPGI went to a jewelry party last night, and this was the hostess. Her name is Top Dog, and boy is she ever! What a friendly, sweet angel baby princess. 🙂 She adopted her Mom and Dad by constantly coming up on their deck, and boy did she pick the right parents! Sue leaves a buffet of five different kinds of food out for her, and will even call the house when she is at work and talks to it over the answering machine!!How funny is that??

S40100021.JPGThis little lady says, "Why don't you leave me a buffet??" 🙂

June 4, 2006

One more thing

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Please, can I look any more fangirlish??

meandkeithcavillSMALL.jpgIf you've ever seen the movie MURDERBALL, that is the FAMOUS (!!!) Keith Cavill and I at United Spinal's Grand Central Station Spinal Cord Injury/Disease Awareness day!!!!! He is SO nice in person– and so is his girlfriend (sorry ladies!!)!! Look at my cheesy grin– I was so excited to meet him and his girlfriend, I could hardly say anything to them. Sorry guys!

 The even was last Tuesday, you can go to the news page on United Spinal, and read all about it. United Spinal is an awesome advocacy group devoted to SCI/D, and althought they used to only allow Veterans, they now allow civilians and kids with SCI/D to join. They've accomplished SO much in their 60 years as an advocacy group– just go to the news page, alright?? 😛 The research organization I work for was there promoting our stuff– I had an awesome day and I really enjoyed myself. I was happy to meet so many awesome people (especially the 4 Wheelz City men! Hope to see you at Kessler soon!).

April 17, 2006


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These socks are over like a celebrity couple– they only lasted a few weeks, but made their mark on my world!!!!!!! Apologies to Trent of http://www.pinkisthenewblog.com for stealing the Dunzo phrase.

S4010029.JPG Sorry for the crappy photo, by the time I charged the batteries for the camera, the sun had gone down (y'see, *someone* left the camera on yesterday when he updated his blog…). Also, I can't try them on, they're too small for my high instep. And they're for a sz 7 foot, and while I have narrow feets, I am a sz 10! Rar!! Bigfoot! Well, not really if you take into consideration my height. Rar!!! Giant!!

Sorry. Happy to be finished! I hope my sock pal ooozer likes them. I will go soak them in a nice little bath now. Yay! Socks!!

Oh, the pattern was *great*- no complaints. Easy repeats. Awesome. For those who aren't following along, I used Anna's Nautilus Pattern, which only deserves to be done in Koigu. I wish I could model them on my feet, the pattern I'm sure is really nice on the foot. Sort of like little embossed honeycombs. One thing stupid that I did was to not look at the W&T instructions, which I didn't know were on pg 1 of the pattern (the directions are on pg 2). So I did the heels with YOs, which is okay, but not as neat as the W&T heels. But the toes! Turkish Cast-on!! I'm never doing a toe any other way. So SEAMLESS. No KITCHENER. You *know* what I mean. And I'm not afraid to try things, but I am annoyed at things that don't immediately take. Kitchener is one of those things.

Now. What's next? Will I finish the Angelina Jacket? Will I start the Hourglass Sweater? Who knows.  The grant at work is due to the Gubbermint on Friday, but we're to have it out on Thur. so we can take off and go to the Abilites Expo on Fri (Dude, it's seriously EXCITING–we can meet the Murderball guys!!). So until Thursday at like 6ish, I may be too tired to knit. Tomorrow I am definitely staying late, as there's a class at 7 I'm to attend (the last one on pressure ulcers really made me lose my appetite, but I was able to keep a straight face! Go me!).

April 1, 2006

Snock knitting and my future office

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Nautilus #1 almost finished Here is Nautilus sock #1, almost finished! I think I would have been finished sooner if they made a 40" circ that could handle lace making. The Addi Turbo needles are too blunt. I think I might order a 32" Inox to finish the other one.

And also, I think I would have finished earlier if I wasn't so tired after work! Starting a new job takes a lot out of you, and I was told I wasn't going to feel completely comfortable until after about 6 months. Which in the long run, is really good. I like the environment of my new job, the people are all really interesting and very nice. It will *greatly* benefit where I want to go in life, too, as I can have this job while I do my post-Bacc (where I go and take all the science classes/labs I missed while doing a BA), and I might even be able to combine the two when I have to do my research requirement for the post-Bacc. 🙂

room before left sideMy room right side

Since today is "Flash Your Stash" day, I thought I would show some photos of the future home of my stash, since the stash is all in boxes right now. My hubbaroo is in the process of finishing it, though I may do some work on it myself today (just need to ask him what I should do!). The left photo shows a cute little mouse-cat for scale (that's my little Robin). It's a pretty small room, and I can barely stand up in it, but it will be a very nice little office/knitting nook when it is finished. We have some leftover paint from the bathroom, and it's a nice bright peach, so I think I will paint the ceilings bright white and the walls peach. The floor has linoleum covering it now, but we're going to tear it up and re-do the hardwood floors underneath. I want Mike to put in track lighting, as the only light source is that teeeny window. He also needs to put in outlets, as there are none right now (though there is a power box behind one of the walls). Eventually, I will want some skylights. I wonder how hard would that be as opposed to track lighting? It would certainly add more height to the room in those spots, too!


Here's a MooMoo photo. She always prances and preens when I have a camera in front of her, she's so coy and funny. 🙂

March 17, 2006

Haha, Hiiiii

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Hi Blog. How are you? Yep. I’ve been busy. I was hired at the place I wanted to work at, so wheeee and I start on Monday. I’m nervous and excited- I’ve never actually been able to use my education in a job before, it’s only gotten me hired. So goody goody gumdrops. But the day after I gave my notice, I was “let go” and they promised to pay me until I was supposed to leave, so vacay for me!
Finished el Clappopotomous and started Anna’s Nautilus socks for my sekrit pal. Here’s where I figure out how to really add photos to me blog (sans HTML, oh my!)…
S4010013.JPGS4010016.JPG Okay, please ignore the fact that I am too lazy to go an photoshop that huuuge forehead zit off. And straighten out the photo. Just ignore it. My face is too fearsome for that zit! And my smeary mascara on my bags (I have many allergies and I still haven’t learned to buy waterproof mascara) Grr! I am wearing a Clapotis and I am glorious! No. Not really. That’s just how my face goes when I am just relaxing it. Except it doesn’t really look relaxed. I think it’s my eyebrows. I have “villain” eyebrows. And the photo of it on the table is just to show it’s size. It’s maybe 55″ long. I didn’t want it any longer, as I hate long scarves. I can’t really wear it as a shawl, as I did one less repeat than called for. The yarn is Cherry tree Hill’s Silk/Wool DK or whatever that is. Green Mountain Madness colorway. I hate the fuzziness. I don’t know if you can tell in this photo, but I swear it’s there: S4010014.JPG

S4010034.JPGAnd here is half a foot of Anna’s nautilus sock pattern (http://www.autoscopia.com). I learned how to do a Turkish cast-on for this, and OMG! Invisible cast on! Really! The yarn is Koigu KPPPM, obviously. Dye code P701, Lot 46. It is probably the most beautiful yarn I’ve ever worked with. Too bad the socks aren’t for me! They’re for my sock pal. I know she likes Koigu, so I’m pretty sure she’ll like the socks. The colors are so subtle, but so droolworthy. Those Koigu people sure know how to dye. But the Addi Turbos I am using do not know how to work with lace patterns. My finger huuurts from all the K2togs and the SSKs- they’re just too blunt to handle lace. And because I have to dig around the yarn to get the needle in for the stitch, these socks are slow. So, I ordered an Inox circ and that should solve the problem. I have no idea when it will get here, but hopefully soon. I feel like Happy Gilmore’s Grandma… “My fingers hurt…” and then Ben Stiller says, “Oh yeah? Well now your back’s gonna hurt, because you just pulled landscaping duty!” Oh my.

Hmmm. What else? Oh yeah. I knit an entire baby sweater out of Thick and Quick, and then I THREW IT IN THE GARBAGE! Blegh. No baby sweater should ever be knit in chunky acrylic yarn. I told Kim at Knit Knight (of Kim’s Knitting World and Sexie from SNBN fame) that it looked like a craft project I had knit on popsicle sticks. She kindly gifted me with a better pattern with worsted weight yarn, so it will still go fast. I made the Knit Knight term up. We and a few other people meet up at Panera every Thursday (okay, I’ve been 3 times, LOL). But in my head the term sounds good, as all of them are at Rutgers, and they’re the Scarlet Knights. LOL. I am pretty dorky.

Oh, and I finished Teva Durham’s turtleneck shrug from Scarf Style, but no pics yet. Maybe on my next update!

February 24, 2006

Oh skating

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I love figure skating. I was bummed hearing yesterday afternoon that S.Co fell twice during her free skate, but after seeing her program on tv, I wasn’t too bummed about it anymore- she fell twice in the beginning, but really nailed everything after that. Her skating is just so pretty. The japanese girl that won did have an amazing backbend type thingie in that long diagonal floaty thing they all do now (I’m so technical! ph34r!). It was pretty too, but it was like the only pretty part. If S.Co hadn’t of fallen, she would have killed the Japanese girl with her score. But she did well, I enjoyed her performance. The Russian skater is not my favorite, she’s all muscle and athletics, there’s no artistry *at all* in her skating. You can be precise (even without falling), but if it’s flat and emotionless, then it’s boring.

I hope they broadcast the World Championships on tv. I heart skating. If I wasn’t so tall, my parents might have let me try it. I liked it enough when I was little. But people who grow up to be nearly 5’11” don’t really make great figure skaters!

 I knitted on my Turtleneck Shrug last night. Noro Kureyon, and less 6 sts from what the pattern says to initially cast on for the sleeves. I hope I can pull of the math for finishing it. I think if I turn everything into percentages I’ll be ok.

Last, but not least a huge Happy Birthday! To my lovely hubbaroo. Such an angel. For some reason one of his favorite shows is Bravo’s Blow Out, because Jonathan Antin is such a whack-job (SO LA!!!). I loved last season’t finale where they show him watching clips of the show, and they show a clip of him crying (because the man cries on every show), then they pan to his face, and he’s crying as he’s watching himself cry! Hahaha! Well, the hubbaroo likes his style and such, and loves his quotes (“I don’t say ‘handsome man’, I say GOOD LOOKING DUDE! I don’t say ‘beautiful woman’, I say HOT BABE!).. so I got him the DIRT hair stuff. Which works nicely and smells really yummy. Mike got a huge kick out of it. He especially liked the quote on the box about dirty hair, and I really thought the “celebrity tested” bit was hilarious. Ahhh. The little things. We’re going out to dinner tonight. Should be nice. 😀

February 15, 2006

Romantic lamps

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Well, Valentine’s day was perfect for me. Seriously. We didn’t fight the crowds at any restaurant, we went out and bought some sorely needed lamps for our living room. Perfect night! My two favorite things! My sweetie and shopping! Mike has this thing about buying me cute costume jewelry, and I guess he stopped into TJ Maxx to look for a pin, and saw the lamps and took me back there later that night to see if I’d like them. They were so cheap! Buy your lamps there! At Home Depot they’re like 3 times as much. We got two glass and sliver-esque lamps that go with our silvery blue living room for $30 each. With shades. Well, the shades have to go because they’re too short for the lamps, but still! $60 for tall lamps!! That are fancy!!!


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