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June 3, 2006

Been sooo busy!

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Well, I’ve had a busy month! We went to 2 weddings, been busy doing outside stuff, been super busy at work, and this week I kept getting hives (allergy to *something* I ate, don’t know what yet, I think it’s beef, but isn’t that a little rare??).

First off, I didn’t neglect my dye-o-rama swap pal. Swear. I’ve just been too busy to get a card to put in it, and you know how you just forget… BAD PAL! I’m mailing the package out today.

S4010020.JPGI couldn’t figure out how to insert the photo correctly. For some reason, iPhoto let me rotate it, but it didn’t upload it that way. For some readon, there isn’t a save feature, but it just automatically saves your photos as you change them (??). I’m used to Photoshop… ANYWAY, I used 4 different color dyes: chocolate, ecru, seafoam green, and robin’s egg blue. The brand of dye is Dharma, the type of dye is their standard wool day (just add vinegar and water!). I used 4 jelly jars immersed in a big boiling bath inside a canning pot, and just draped sections inside the jelly jars. I wasn’t sure I would like the yarn after I pulled it out and it dried, but I reskeined it and I love the colors!!

Here’s a swatch: S4010021.JPG As you can tell it’s blurry, but I cast on 60 stitches on size 2 Addi Turbos, to mimic what it would look like as sock yarn. I would recommend to my pal to use SIZE 3 needles, as the resulting gauge is a bit stiff on the 2s (I included the swatch in the package). There should be enough yarn for a big pair of socks, it’s definitely over 450 yards. I didn’t really measure it, but I can tell by the weight that there’s plenty of yarn. Especially if you do toe-up socks. I think there may be a tiny bit of pooling with the natural color that I left in it, if my pal is worried about that, she can utilize a slip-stitch pattern to limit that. 🙂 The Crusoe socks on Knitty would be cool, I think.

Mike and Lelah And for the record, I am able to put on a dress and lipstick when I go out to weddings. Not so much for work or anything else, but yeah! I think I even wore… PANTYHOSE! WTF?!?!


May 8, 2006

Sock pal!

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S4010002.JPGSo these are the socks my sock pal made me! Pretty colors, right? They’re the Gull something or other socks from SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS- I always liked that pattern a lot. Now I have the socks, and no work was involved! Ha! They’re a few inches too long, but that’s a terribly easy fix. 🙂 They must have bloomed big time after being washed. My lovely knitter was http://knitternavywife.blogspot.com/ and she was super sweet and sent me BBQ sauce and seasoning in addition to the socks! Wow! Thanks!!!!

I have a funny story for you- on Saturday, my husband and I went down to my parent’s house near Princeton to go out to eat in Lambertville (Laaaa-aaa-aaaambertville, say it like a lamb!). We’re headed down their long drive, and all of a sudden my Dad exclaims, “Oh! There’s the sheep!” I say “WTF?”, and look out the window- there was a SHEEP *peering* into the neighbor’s basement window! She wash hunched down on all fours, totally SPYING! She apparently escaped from the farm across the street (a hobby farm, not really a working farm), and decided to go and do a little spying. We had to stop at the house across the road and my Dad had to find someone to tell, “Hey, I found your sheep!!” You don’t get to do that everyday in NJ, that’s for sure!!

Work is going well, I am still trying to get used to everything and everyone. Been going out to eat a lot for one of our studies- I never thought I’s say this, but please, no more restaurants! I’ve been out to eat about 10 times in the past two weeks- my pants are getting too tight! No good!

February 24, 2006

Oh skating

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I love figure skating. I was bummed hearing yesterday afternoon that S.Co fell twice during her free skate, but after seeing her program on tv, I wasn’t too bummed about it anymore- she fell twice in the beginning, but really nailed everything after that. Her skating is just so pretty. The japanese girl that won did have an amazing backbend type thingie in that long diagonal floaty thing they all do now (I’m so technical! ph34r!). It was pretty too, but it was like the only pretty part. If S.Co hadn’t of fallen, she would have killed the Japanese girl with her score. But she did well, I enjoyed her performance. The Russian skater is not my favorite, she’s all muscle and athletics, there’s no artistry *at all* in her skating. You can be precise (even without falling), but if it’s flat and emotionless, then it’s boring.

I hope they broadcast the World Championships on tv. I heart skating. If I wasn’t so tall, my parents might have let me try it. I liked it enough when I was little. But people who grow up to be nearly 5’11” don’t really make great figure skaters!

 I knitted on my Turtleneck Shrug last night. Noro Kureyon, and less 6 sts from what the pattern says to initially cast on for the sleeves. I hope I can pull of the math for finishing it. I think if I turn everything into percentages I’ll be ok.

Last, but not least a huge Happy Birthday! To my lovely hubbaroo. Such an angel. For some reason one of his favorite shows is Bravo’s Blow Out, because Jonathan Antin is such a whack-job (SO LA!!!). I loved last season’t finale where they show him watching clips of the show, and they show a clip of him crying (because the man cries on every show), then they pan to his face, and he’s crying as he’s watching himself cry! Hahaha! Well, the hubbaroo likes his style and such, and loves his quotes (“I don’t say ‘handsome man’, I say GOOD LOOKING DUDE! I don’t say ‘beautiful woman’, I say HOT BABE!).. so I got him the DIRT hair stuff. Which works nicely and smells really yummy. Mike got a huge kick out of it. He especially liked the quote on the box about dirty hair, and I really thought the “celebrity tested” bit was hilarious. Ahhh. The little things. We’re going out to dinner tonight. Should be nice. 😀

February 22, 2006


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So I’m knitting my Sockpaloooza’s socks! Whee! I was going to use Jaywalker, but then I remembered the big Jaywalker fiasco of early January, and I decided that if my pal has feet like mine, they’ll be too big. Damn those Jaywalkers. I tried like 3 different yarns, a few different needle sizes, and oh yeah MATH to make them work and they ended up narrower, but a bit too narrow. So I’m not risking it. It’s a cute pattern, but seriously not for me. Also, my pal said she likes a lot of negative ease, so that’s the final straw. No wide Jaywalkers! 

So, I’m knitting Amelia’s Nautilus socks. The best part about this is that I get to use some stash Koigu that I have been SAVORING- it’s been waiting for the perfect project- and this is it. It’s just…. well, I’ll take some photos (I owe this blog many!!). Beautiful. And from the e-mails I’ve received from my pal, well, I know she loves Koigu and she is very deserving of the prettiest yarn I’ve ever seen.

 I started knitting Trellis, and I HATE YOU TRELLIS. I have to rechart everything, because it looks like the author knit Continental, and I knit English, so the way I do it is backwards, and the left twists and looking like limp, untwisty bands of stockinette. Boo. So I shall start over. And cry. I hate reading charts, because I like to watch tv when I knit, and it’s not exactly easy to do both at the same time. So, it was a waste of a good 3 day weekend with all my flase starts. I kept thinking I was just making the twist incorrectly, but nopers. At least the problem was resolved, thanks to some kind lady on the Knitlist (you are awesome!).

I ALSO started the Turtleneck shrug from Scarf Style out of some Kureyon my Mom got me, and I’m of course having gauge issues, so I have to find someone out there who has knitted this to tell me the gauge of the 3×3 ribbing. Because even though I compensated for gauge, it was off the stockinette measurement, and last night I thought, DAMN that’s a huge sleeve! SO yeah. Boo.

 In other words… knitting is not my friend this week. Neither is my sister’s cat. I’m taking care of my sister’s cat while my parents are in Jamaica, and so last night I went over there to hang out and watch figure skating and American Idol. After letting her furry ass out of the laundry room for like 4 whole hours, it took me 20 minutes to catch her. How did I catch this evil, hissing, biting wretch of a cat? I finally used a blanket like a net and totally got her! HAHAHAHA! You should have heard the fuss she made. It was like I was killing her. With 8 million knives. And then I put her in the laundry room and she was all staticky. Ha ha. She deserved it. And I love cats! I have 4 of them! Sheesh!You know she should be thanking me. I live like 45 min away, and I almost (almost!!) hit 3 (THREE!!) deer on the way back. Brat. I did thank the deer for being clever and running the opposite direction of my car, because otherwise I would have hit all three. And that would have been awful. 

February 10, 2006


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My DH doesn’t know about this blog yet, so I am going to post what I’m getting him for Valentine’s Day. And Mike, if you’re reading, please stop. 😀 I know you love suprises and I wouldn’t want to read this! Anyway, for some reason, he really loves Bravo’s show about Jonathan Antin, hairdresser to the Beverly Hills elite. He loves his attitude, tattoos, hair, and his shirts. You know those striped Banana Republic button-down oxford shirts? Yep, he calls them “Jonathan Shirts”. And when we were at some awesome outlet mall this past summer, he found a pair of slip-on Timberlands that he said, “Hey, these look like Jonathan SHOES!!” At any rate, his non-sexual crush on the man is so endearing, so I am going to get him some of Jonathan’s DIRT hair product for Valentine’s day. Mike has a love of his hair, and I have to admit, Mike has good hair. It’s thick, it’s wavy, it’s dirty blond and so James Dean. I only hope our kid’s hair will be as nice. So getting him DIRT for Valentine’s day is a great present for him. I can’t wait to see his face when he opens the present up.
And of course, this is an excuse to go to Sephora (and lucky for me it’s only 15 min away from where I live, hee hee hee). Maybe I’ll go after work to avoid all the snow we’re supposed to get this weekend. You know what else I want to get? Hot rollers. Yep. Hot rollers. I saw Chloe on Project Runway had them in her hair early one morning, and I was like, “Ooooh… that’s how her hair is so nice!” And since my hair is asian-like (fine strands but really thick), maybe it’ll work for me.
I dropped 2 stitches on Clappy last night. 8 down, 4 to go on the straight section (I think. I did one less repeat than called for). I’ll probably start decreasing Saturday night or Sunday!! Maybe Sunday won’t see much knitting- I might be going XC-Skiing with my Dad. I always did downhill skiing when I was younger, never XC. I’m excited. I can pretend I’m in the Olympics. 😛 I need to go to Campmor and buy new ski pants, though. Hope I can find a deal. My old ones are from HS, and I had like 30″ hips back then. Seriously. I’m by no means overweight, but I don’t have 30″ hips anymore!!

February 9, 2006

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So last night I drank my way through half a bottle of wine and knit some more on Clappy (and watched Lou Dobbs, American Idol, Lost, and Project Runway, a ha ha ha!). I actually got 3 straight repeats done, so I was able to drop 3 stitches. Twisting the stitches next to the dropped stitch on both the knit and purl side is really making this shawl- it looks so clean. The perpendicularness of it is beautiful combined with the organicness of the hand-dyed CTH silk/merino. Though I still HATE the fuzziness. I have to individually drop each stitch and pick the fuzzies apart one by one. UGH SO FRUSTRATING. It takes forever to drop them one by one, then pick them apart.
If I keep knitting so much (about 5 hours last night!! whoa!!), I’ll be done with it before the Olympics end! Cool! I’m so excited for the Olympics. I used to watch them when I was a little girl, with my Dad. I was about to go into the first grade in 1984, and I just loved Mary Lou Retton and the track/field events in the big stadium. On one of my first days of school, I drew my Dad a huuuuge picture of the stadium filled with people, and with the games going on. He framed it and it’s been in every office he’s had since then. 😀 
I haven’t even thought much about Trellis, but I will once I finish Clappy. It’s a pretty mindless knit, so there’s nothing to report about really. I’ve thought a lot about the Hourglass Sweater, and I hope the shaping of it doesn’t affect me too much. I’m going to have to lengthen it about 3-4 inches due to the fact that I’m almost 5’11”. My Mom always had to sew my dresses when I was little, because store ones were just too short and I have a small frame. She would add 3″ to the torso and 3″ to the hem. I was never embarrassed by the fact that my Mom made my dresses, they were always really pretty and very well sewn. Which is why I want her Clappy to be perfect, you know? She did that for me, so why shouldn’t I do it for her?

January 30, 2006


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Since I was sick at the tail end of last week, I got my manager and the secretary sick. I feel bad for getting my manager sick, but not the miserable secretary. She had it coming!! Really! You never met a more negative person in your whole life. There is no joy in her life, because she chooses not to see it.

 I finished My So Called Scarf on Friday night, and started Clapotis on Saturday. I wasn’t able to concentrate on any studying at all, so I just watched TV and knit (and frogged, and knit, and frogged…). My head was so not clear. Never knit when you’re sick. Things get waaay too confusing. And now that I’ve started Clapotis, I don’t want to put it down! But I have to for like 2 weeks. Such a pity. I think I’ll finish the increase section tonight after I get home from school, though (I have only 1 more row). I use Rollergirls as my Monday night knitting time. Too tired at 10pm to do anything but. But Clapotis is *really* fun, and I’m suprised I held out for so long! And the Cherry Tree Hill DK Silk/Wool is really lovely to knit with. The colors aren’t me (cobalt, plum, navy, turqouise), so I *might* give this to my Mom. Maybe. We’ll see. It sure feels nice.

 I did make a $40 KnitPicks order on Saturday… I got 3 skeins of Gossamer in the “Carribean” colorway for *another* Clapotis, 4 skeins of Merino Style (right?) in forest green to make that Trellis baby sweater from Knitty (for a friend’s baby due in April), a kimono-like sweater pattern, an aran pattern (for DH), and some new circs for that damn Angelina sweater I am having trouble finishing (Addi Turbos are too short and the metal was cutting into my palms, ow ow ow!). I CAN’T WAIT until I pass my exam in 2 weeks so I can just knit, knit, knit!


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