hopping like a bunny

July 24, 2006


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I don’t know why, but things got hairy when I went to do the short-row/heel-flap combo I yoinked off of Knitty’s Baudelaire pattern. I could no longer keep the socks on two needles, it was weird. So I just switched to the good old-fashioned one sock at a time method. I’m doing the second heel now, and when I get to about 3cm of ribbing, I’ll go back to two at once. I’m sure there was a way to do both heels at once, but I just was like, “hur??”.

I had a horrible week involving work drama and a blow out on a scary highway, and I had to take two whole days off because of transportation issues. So that’s why there’s real progress on the socks! I don’t generally knit for long stretches anymore. I had a great weekend, though. I saw ABBA with my sister, sis-in-law, and my niece last night. It was fabulous. The only original members were a drummer and the saxaphonist, but it was reallllllly fun nonetheless. The outfits the two women had on were HILARIOUS!!! One set involved colored spandex, tunics with a fox for one and a rabbit for the other, and gold knee high boots. So strange. Then let’s not forget the satin floor-length white and purple ponchos. So great. We had a lot of fun!


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