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June 3, 2006

Been sooo busy!

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Well, I’ve had a busy month! We went to 2 weddings, been busy doing outside stuff, been super busy at work, and this week I kept getting hives (allergy to *something* I ate, don’t know what yet, I think it’s beef, but isn’t that a little rare??).

First off, I didn’t neglect my dye-o-rama swap pal. Swear. I’ve just been too busy to get a card to put in it, and you know how you just forget… BAD PAL! I’m mailing the package out today.

S4010020.JPGI couldn’t figure out how to insert the photo correctly. For some reason, iPhoto let me rotate it, but it didn’t upload it that way. For some readon, there isn’t a save feature, but it just automatically saves your photos as you change them (??). I’m used to Photoshop… ANYWAY, I used 4 different color dyes: chocolate, ecru, seafoam green, and robin’s egg blue. The brand of dye is Dharma, the type of dye is their standard wool day (just add vinegar and water!). I used 4 jelly jars immersed in a big boiling bath inside a canning pot, and just draped sections inside the jelly jars. I wasn’t sure I would like the yarn after I pulled it out and it dried, but I reskeined it and I love the colors!!

Here’s a swatch: S4010021.JPG As you can tell it’s blurry, but I cast on 60 stitches on size 2 Addi Turbos, to mimic what it would look like as sock yarn. I would recommend to my pal to use SIZE 3 needles, as the resulting gauge is a bit stiff on the 2s (I included the swatch in the package). There should be enough yarn for a big pair of socks, it’s definitely over 450 yards. I didn’t really measure it, but I can tell by the weight that there’s plenty of yarn. Especially if you do toe-up socks. I think there may be a tiny bit of pooling with the natural color that I left in it, if my pal is worried about that, she can utilize a slip-stitch pattern to limit that. 🙂 The Crusoe socks on Knitty would be cool, I think.

Mike and Lelah And for the record, I am able to put on a dress and lipstick when I go out to weddings. Not so much for work or anything else, but yeah! I think I even wore… PANTYHOSE! WTF?!?!


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