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April 17, 2006


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These socks are over like a celebrity couple– they only lasted a few weeks, but made their mark on my world!!!!!!! Apologies to Trent of http://www.pinkisthenewblog.com for stealing the Dunzo phrase.

S4010029.JPG Sorry for the crappy photo, by the time I charged the batteries for the camera, the sun had gone down (y'see, *someone* left the camera on yesterday when he updated his blog…). Also, I can't try them on, they're too small for my high instep. And they're for a sz 7 foot, and while I have narrow feets, I am a sz 10! Rar!! Bigfoot! Well, not really if you take into consideration my height. Rar!!! Giant!!

Sorry. Happy to be finished! I hope my sock pal ooozer likes them. I will go soak them in a nice little bath now. Yay! Socks!!

Oh, the pattern was *great*- no complaints. Easy repeats. Awesome. For those who aren't following along, I used Anna's Nautilus Pattern, which only deserves to be done in Koigu. I wish I could model them on my feet, the pattern I'm sure is really nice on the foot. Sort of like little embossed honeycombs. One thing stupid that I did was to not look at the W&T instructions, which I didn't know were on pg 1 of the pattern (the directions are on pg 2). So I did the heels with YOs, which is okay, but not as neat as the W&T heels. But the toes! Turkish Cast-on!! I'm never doing a toe any other way. So SEAMLESS. No KITCHENER. You *know* what I mean. And I'm not afraid to try things, but I am annoyed at things that don't immediately take. Kitchener is one of those things.

Now. What's next? Will I finish the Angelina Jacket? Will I start the Hourglass Sweater? Who knows.  The grant at work is due to the Gubbermint on Friday, but we're to have it out on Thur. so we can take off and go to the Abilites Expo on Fri (Dude, it's seriously EXCITING–we can meet the Murderball guys!!). So until Thursday at like 6ish, I may be too tired to knit. Tomorrow I am definitely staying late, as there's a class at 7 I'm to attend (the last one on pressure ulcers really made me lose my appetite, but I was able to keep a straight face! Go me!).


April 1, 2006

Snock knitting and my future office

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Nautilus #1 almost finished Here is Nautilus sock #1, almost finished! I think I would have been finished sooner if they made a 40" circ that could handle lace making. The Addi Turbo needles are too blunt. I think I might order a 32" Inox to finish the other one.

And also, I think I would have finished earlier if I wasn't so tired after work! Starting a new job takes a lot out of you, and I was told I wasn't going to feel completely comfortable until after about 6 months. Which in the long run, is really good. I like the environment of my new job, the people are all really interesting and very nice. It will *greatly* benefit where I want to go in life, too, as I can have this job while I do my post-Bacc (where I go and take all the science classes/labs I missed while doing a BA), and I might even be able to combine the two when I have to do my research requirement for the post-Bacc. 🙂

room before left sideMy room right side

Since today is "Flash Your Stash" day, I thought I would show some photos of the future home of my stash, since the stash is all in boxes right now. My hubbaroo is in the process of finishing it, though I may do some work on it myself today (just need to ask him what I should do!). The left photo shows a cute little mouse-cat for scale (that's my little Robin). It's a pretty small room, and I can barely stand up in it, but it will be a very nice little office/knitting nook when it is finished. We have some leftover paint from the bathroom, and it's a nice bright peach, so I think I will paint the ceilings bright white and the walls peach. The floor has linoleum covering it now, but we're going to tear it up and re-do the hardwood floors underneath. I want Mike to put in track lighting, as the only light source is that teeeny window. He also needs to put in outlets, as there are none right now (though there is a power box behind one of the walls). Eventually, I will want some skylights. I wonder how hard would that be as opposed to track lighting? It would certainly add more height to the room in those spots, too!


Here's a MooMoo photo. She always prances and preens when I have a camera in front of her, she's so coy and funny. 🙂

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