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March 17, 2006

Haha, Hiiiii

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Hi Blog. How are you? Yep. I’ve been busy. I was hired at the place I wanted to work at, so wheeee and I start on Monday. I’m nervous and excited- I’ve never actually been able to use my education in a job before, it’s only gotten me hired. So goody goody gumdrops. But the day after I gave my notice, I was “let go” and they promised to pay me until I was supposed to leave, so vacay for me!
Finished el Clappopotomous and started Anna’s Nautilus socks for my sekrit pal. Here’s where I figure out how to really add photos to me blog (sans HTML, oh my!)…
S4010013.JPGS4010016.JPG Okay, please ignore the fact that I am too lazy to go an photoshop that huuuge forehead zit off. And straighten out the photo. Just ignore it. My face is too fearsome for that zit! And my smeary mascara on my bags (I have many allergies and I still haven’t learned to buy waterproof mascara) Grr! I am wearing a Clapotis and I am glorious! No. Not really. That’s just how my face goes when I am just relaxing it. Except it doesn’t really look relaxed. I think it’s my eyebrows. I have “villain” eyebrows. And the photo of it on the table is just to show it’s size. It’s maybe 55″ long. I didn’t want it any longer, as I hate long scarves. I can’t really wear it as a shawl, as I did one less repeat than called for. The yarn is Cherry tree Hill’s Silk/Wool DK or whatever that is. Green Mountain Madness colorway. I hate the fuzziness. I don’t know if you can tell in this photo, but I swear it’s there: S4010014.JPG

S4010034.JPGAnd here is half a foot of Anna’s nautilus sock pattern (http://www.autoscopia.com). I learned how to do a Turkish cast-on for this, and OMG! Invisible cast on! Really! The yarn is Koigu KPPPM, obviously. Dye code P701, Lot 46. It is probably the most beautiful yarn I’ve ever worked with. Too bad the socks aren’t for me! They’re for my sock pal. I know she likes Koigu, so I’m pretty sure she’ll like the socks. The colors are so subtle, but so droolworthy. Those Koigu people sure know how to dye. But the Addi Turbos I am using do not know how to work with lace patterns. My finger huuurts from all the K2togs and the SSKs- they’re just too blunt to handle lace. And because I have to dig around the yarn to get the needle in for the stitch, these socks are slow. So, I ordered an Inox circ and that should solve the problem. I have no idea when it will get here, but hopefully soon. I feel like Happy Gilmore’s Grandma… “My fingers hurt…” and then Ben Stiller says, “Oh yeah? Well now your back’s gonna hurt, because you just pulled landscaping duty!” Oh my.

Hmmm. What else? Oh yeah. I knit an entire baby sweater out of Thick and Quick, and then I THREW IT IN THE GARBAGE! Blegh. No baby sweater should ever be knit in chunky acrylic yarn. I told Kim at Knit Knight (of Kim’s Knitting World and Sexie from SNBN fame) that it looked like a craft project I had knit on popsicle sticks. She kindly gifted me with a better pattern with worsted weight yarn, so it will still go fast. I made the Knit Knight term up. We and a few other people meet up at Panera every Thursday (okay, I’ve been 3 times, LOL). But in my head the term sounds good, as all of them are at Rutgers, and they’re the Scarlet Knights. LOL. I am pretty dorky.

Oh, and I finished Teva Durham’s turtleneck shrug from Scarf Style, but no pics yet. Maybe on my next update!


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