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February 24, 2006

Oh skating

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I love figure skating. I was bummed hearing yesterday afternoon that S.Co fell twice during her free skate, but after seeing her program on tv, I wasn’t too bummed about it anymore- she fell twice in the beginning, but really nailed everything after that. Her skating is just so pretty. The japanese girl that won did have an amazing backbend type thingie in that long diagonal floaty thing they all do now (I’m so technical! ph34r!). It was pretty too, but it was like the only pretty part. If S.Co hadn’t of fallen, she would have killed the Japanese girl with her score. But she did well, I enjoyed her performance. The Russian skater is not my favorite, she’s all muscle and athletics, there’s no artistry *at all* in her skating. You can be precise (even without falling), but if it’s flat and emotionless, then it’s boring.

I hope they broadcast the World Championships on tv. I heart skating. If I wasn’t so tall, my parents might have let me try it. I liked it enough when I was little. But people who grow up to be nearly 5’11” don’t really make great figure skaters!

 I knitted on my Turtleneck Shrug last night. Noro Kureyon, and less 6 sts from what the pattern says to initially cast on for the sleeves. I hope I can pull of the math for finishing it. I think if I turn everything into percentages I’ll be ok.

Last, but not least a huge Happy Birthday! To my lovely hubbaroo. Such an angel. For some reason one of his favorite shows is Bravo’s Blow Out, because Jonathan Antin is such a whack-job (SO LA!!!). I loved last season’t finale where they show him watching clips of the show, and they show a clip of him crying (because the man cries on every show), then they pan to his face, and he’s crying as he’s watching himself cry! Hahaha! Well, the hubbaroo likes his style and such, and loves his quotes (“I don’t say ‘handsome man’, I say GOOD LOOKING DUDE! I don’t say ‘beautiful woman’, I say HOT BABE!).. so I got him the DIRT hair stuff. Which works nicely and smells really yummy. Mike got a huge kick out of it. He especially liked the quote on the box about dirty hair, and I really thought the “celebrity tested” bit was hilarious. Ahhh. The little things. We’re going out to dinner tonight. Should be nice. 😀


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