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February 22, 2006


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So I’m knitting my Sockpaloooza’s socks! Whee! I was going to use Jaywalker, but then I remembered the big Jaywalker fiasco of early January, and I decided that if my pal has feet like mine, they’ll be too big. Damn those Jaywalkers. I tried like 3 different yarns, a few different needle sizes, and oh yeah MATH to make them work and they ended up narrower, but a bit too narrow. So I’m not risking it. It’s a cute pattern, but seriously not for me. Also, my pal said she likes a lot of negative ease, so that’s the final straw. No wide Jaywalkers! 

So, I’m knitting Amelia’s Nautilus socks. The best part about this is that I get to use some stash Koigu that I have been SAVORING- it’s been waiting for the perfect project- and this is it. It’s just…. well, I’ll take some photos (I owe this blog many!!). Beautiful. And from the e-mails I’ve received from my pal, well, I know she loves Koigu and she is very deserving of the prettiest yarn I’ve ever seen.

 I started knitting Trellis, and I HATE YOU TRELLIS. I have to rechart everything, because it looks like the author knit Continental, and I knit English, so the way I do it is backwards, and the left twists and looking like limp, untwisty bands of stockinette. Boo. So I shall start over. And cry. I hate reading charts, because I like to watch tv when I knit, and it’s not exactly easy to do both at the same time. So, it was a waste of a good 3 day weekend with all my flase starts. I kept thinking I was just making the twist incorrectly, but nopers. At least the problem was resolved, thanks to some kind lady on the Knitlist (you are awesome!).

I ALSO started the Turtleneck shrug from Scarf Style out of some Kureyon my Mom got me, and I’m of course having gauge issues, so I have to find someone out there who has knitted this to tell me the gauge of the 3×3 ribbing. Because even though I compensated for gauge, it was off the stockinette measurement, and last night I thought, DAMN that’s a huge sleeve! SO yeah. Boo.

 In other words… knitting is not my friend this week. Neither is my sister’s cat. I’m taking care of my sister’s cat while my parents are in Jamaica, and so last night I went over there to hang out and watch figure skating and American Idol. After letting her furry ass out of the laundry room for like 4 whole hours, it took me 20 minutes to catch her. How did I catch this evil, hissing, biting wretch of a cat? I finally used a blanket like a net and totally got her! HAHAHAHA! You should have heard the fuss she made. It was like I was killing her. With 8 million knives. And then I put her in the laundry room and she was all staticky. Ha ha. She deserved it. And I love cats! I have 4 of them! Sheesh!You know she should be thanking me. I live like 45 min away, and I almost (almost!!) hit 3 (THREE!!) deer on the way back. Brat. I did thank the deer for being clever and running the opposite direction of my car, because otherwise I would have hit all three. And that would have been awful. 


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