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February 15, 2006

Romantic lamps

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Well, Valentine’s day was perfect for me. Seriously. We didn’t fight the crowds at any restaurant, we went out and bought some sorely needed lamps for our living room. Perfect night! My two favorite things! My sweetie and shopping! Mike has this thing about buying me cute costume jewelry, and I guess he stopped into TJ Maxx to look for a pin, and saw the lamps and took me back there later that night to see if I’d like them. They were so cheap! Buy your lamps there! At Home Depot they’re like 3 times as much. We got two glass and sliver-esque lamps that go with our silvery blue living room for $30 each. With shades. Well, the shades have to go because they’re too short for the lamps, but still! $60 for tall lamps!! That are fancy!!!

Anyway, the pin he got me was found in a small shop in the town he works in, so it’s so cute that he went to different stores for me. What a guy. Seriously, for him, it’s a lot. The most expensive store he shops in is actually TJ Maxx. He had some seriously lean times during college and being frugal (heh, cheap!) stuck with him. But he balances out my yarn and shopping addictions. So it’s good.

And I hate to gush, but the card he gave me was so sweet. He wrote in it that I’m the girl he dreamed of marrying when he was a little boy. I mean, awwwwwwwwww. He’s the sweetest boy ever. I’m so glad he chose me, I don’t deserve him. He’s giving me a beautiful new bathroom, and he finishing the attic room off for me so I can have a study/yarn room. Nobody but your husband who loves you would do that for you.


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  1. this is decent. http://www.baymillstownship.cmichigan.com

    Comment by devalcourt — July 2, 2006 @ 11:24 am

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