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February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Even if you don’t have a Valentine, I love you for reading this blog. 😀

So anyway. ON THE HOME STRETCH WITH CLAPPY! Will I finish it tonight? Dunno.

Awhile ago I bought DH a smoking jacket on eBay, and since his birthday is in 10 days, I’ll go ahead and give him the jacket today. We got a record 20″+ of snow on Sat/Sun, so I didn’t get a chance to get the “herrr product” for him. I have to sew a sash for the jacket, since it came without one. I couldn’t match the fake velveteen, so I had to get real velvet with a similar pile. To be honest, the only difference I can tell between the two is the insane price of real velvet… $30/yd! Thank goodness I only needed enough for a belt! I did get half a yard to be on the safe side (I keep typing YARN for YARD… hehehe!). If I was a better sewer I would make a little shruglette with puffed sleeves and a gentlewomanly collar. But I can’t sew or make patterns for sewing. And this stuff costs too much for me to eff up! I could try making a mock up, I suppose, but who knows where my fabric stash went to after we moved to our new house. I think I stored it at my parent’s house, but they also moved. :/

So after today, because today is Chocolate Holiday, I am stopping with the sugar and caffeine. I was forbidden any by my cardiologist, and I’ve decided that maaaaybe I should listen to him. I asked Mike to get me a treadmill for Valentine’s Day, I wonder if he would do it? We kind of strapped for cash right now since I have to keep taking half-days here and there for stupid doctor’s appointments, and he’s re-doing our bathroom.  Which, by the way, looks much better with teal drywall than with icky brown and cream tiles. And the toilet! Much better than that gross yellow thing. And the sink! Still not installed! Heeeeee. After the floor. Which is this weekend.

 I bought Marriner’s version of Mozart’s Requiem, and maybe it’s just me (and it probably is), but I like Dohnanyi’s version with the Cleveland Orchestra better. I think I’m biased. I was fortuante to be the little girl of parents who had season tickets to the Cleveland Orchestra when we lived in Ohio (til I was 13). So anything coming from that era of my life is A++++ in my book. Too bad I only have that version on cassette!! I listened to it over and over during my final semster of senior year in college. Especially while I did my typology problem sets! I worked my tail off and got a C in the class. Trust me, it was verrry appropriate to listen to a death mask while figuring out the various syntax of polysynthetic languages. Yeah, exactly. That’s why I got a C.


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  1. dohnanyi

    Die Rente darf nicht vor Vollendung des 60. Lebensjahres beginnen. Die Beitre zum Aufbau einer Rup-Rente sind im Rahmen der gesetzlichen

    Trackback by Ruerup Rente — September 29, 2006 @ 9:30 am

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