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February 9, 2006

Filed under: Knitting — hophopusagi @ 5:46 pm
So last night I drank my way through half a bottle of wine and knit some more on Clappy (and watched Lou Dobbs, American Idol, Lost, and Project Runway, a ha ha ha!). I actually got 3 straight repeats done, so I was able to drop 3 stitches. Twisting the stitches next to the dropped stitch on both the knit and purl side is really making this shawl- it looks so clean. The perpendicularness of it is beautiful combined with the organicness of the hand-dyed CTH silk/merino. Though I still HATE the fuzziness. I have to individually drop each stitch and pick the fuzzies apart one by one. UGH SO FRUSTRATING. It takes forever to drop them one by one, then pick them apart.
If I keep knitting so much (about 5 hours last night!! whoa!!), I’ll be done with it before the Olympics end! Cool! I’m so excited for the Olympics. I used to watch them when I was a little girl, with my Dad. I was about to go into the first grade in 1984, and I just loved Mary Lou Retton and the track/field events in the big stadium. On one of my first days of school, I drew my Dad a huuuuge picture of the stadium filled with people, and with the games going on. He framed it and it’s been in every office he’s had since then. 😀 
I haven’t even thought much about Trellis, but I will once I finish Clappy. It’s a pretty mindless knit, so there’s nothing to report about really. I’ve thought a lot about the Hourglass Sweater, and I hope the shaping of it doesn’t affect me too much. I’m going to have to lengthen it about 3-4 inches due to the fact that I’m almost 5’11”. My Mom always had to sew my dresses when I was little, because store ones were just too short and I have a small frame. She would add 3″ to the torso and 3″ to the hem. I was never embarrassed by the fact that my Mom made my dresses, they were always really pretty and very well sewn. Which is why I want her Clappy to be perfect, you know? She did that for me, so why shouldn’t I do it for her?


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