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February 8, 2006

One at a time

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I was on the Clapotis 2005 KAL yahoo group, and someone recently posted about their finished Clappy out of the same yarn, different colorway. She put a photo up, too. AND OMG. It’s so much nicer than my Cherry Tree Hill Silk/Merino. Not fuzzy, the colors are bright… blergh. I’m jealous! She also used 3 skeins (one more increase section, two more straight sections, then I guess one more decrease section), and had 5 yards of yarn to spare. Heh. I might have a heart attack. I only have 2 skeins. I am doing one less increase, and I guess it will be one or two less straight sections, then one less decrease. Another poster on the group made her CTH Clappy this way and was able to finish, but she may knit looser or tighter than I, and I might still have a problem.

I plan to finish this during the Olympics. As a consequence, I did not join the Yarn Harlot’s Olympics. I can’t start something new in the middle of a project! Kerrazy! My One-Project-At-A-Time rule does not apply to yarn purchases, though. Hee hee hee. Or book purchases. Or magazines… last night I bought Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and enough Paton’s Classic Merino to make the Hourglass Sweater. It’s a lovely tomato color, and I think I’ll look great in it with my dark hair. I always go for teals when I make something for myself, so I thought I should break habit and stop matching things with my eyes. This tomato will compliment my dark brown hair nicely, I think. And I don’t own any red pullover sweaters, just an old red cardigan that I only break out for Christmas (it’s not a Christmas sweater, though, I swear!! Do you really think I would wear one of those??) But when will I start this?? Ha ha ha. After Trellis. I have to knit that sweater by my friend’s due date. It’s important that I get this to her. She’s pregnant with her 2nd child, after losing her first to an accidental drowning just before the baby’s first birthday. It was an awful accident. I knit that little baby a really sweet camouflage sweater with a lace edge out of Koigu, and she wore it to all the important evens in her brief life. So of course, this sweater needs to be done, and it needs to be perfect.So, my guess is that I can finish Clapotis in about … three weeks, at the rate I knit. Then I can start on Trellis. And being that it’s smaller than Clapotis, I can probably get it done before the baby is born in April, with maybe some time left over to knit a little stuffed toy. OH! The Mom and Dad have two flufferino kitties that are all black (with log fur, just like my Tamika). It would be so sweet to knit a little stuffed black cat with black eyelash yarn!! I could knit Knitty’s Kate and just adapt it, and add a tail, because I think a cat with no tail (not even a little stub!!), is so weird. 😀


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