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February 7, 2006

Effing Crapotis

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I shouldn’t blame Clappy. It’s not Clappy’s fault. I was half done with the effer, and not only did I somehow drop a stitch that wasn’t supposed to be dropped somewhere in the beginning of the straight section, but I just *knew* I was going to run out of yarn. So I frogged the whole thing! And started all over! But this time, I’m purling all the stitches to be dropped and not using stitch markers like before, but I’m twisting the surrounding stitches on the knit *and* purl side. I saw it on someone’s blog somewhere and it just makes things tidier.

 I’m actually not doing that well. The exam I was told would cost $40 is going to be $115, and there’s no way I will be prepared by next Monday. I study every day, and I get material from outside sources– but I have no idea what the exam will be like. Last night in class I learned the instructor used to own a racehorse and would “shoot it up” with a diuretic before races to make it run faster. ?? Let’s not even forget to mention his disjointed, unorganized lectures that have everyone going “where is he in the book? huh? what’s going on?? where are we??” SO mad. This class was seriously a waste of everyone’s time and money. I decided that I will take the exam in April, and I will be more prepared for it. What is the point in getting certified in something, then getting a job, and having no idea how to do it? This is pharmacy, people– do I seem like the kind of person that wants to ignorantly harm someone else because I didn’t have an adequate education?

 I’m so embarrassed to even say that I was really excited to take the class. I should have saved the money for our new bathroom. I could have bought more yarn! I could have gotten Mike a nice new overcoat with the money. I’m so disappointed. I just expected better, and I certainly didn’t get it. I hope my Mom isn’t too disappointed in me.

 And gosh, I didn’t mean for most of this post to be so down. I have to mention one other thing, and it’s really sad. My in-laws lost their cat Fred in his sleep this past weekend. He was almost 19. Poor little guy. He was Mike’s first family cat, and Mike was really sad for his parents and Fred last night. Also, my Sis-in-law lost her family’s dog last week- poor Candi had to be put to sleep. She was a beautiful German Shepherd. But honestly, I hope they don’t get another dog, as they left her tied up outside all the time, and put her in the garage when it was cold. That’s no way to treat a dog, if you ask me. What a boring, sad life she had. She’s a lot better off, and everyone knows all dogs go to Heaven. Cats, too.

 I’m going to think about happy thoughts now, like how I’m going to get a new job soon… 😀


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