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January 27, 2006

What the hey?!?!

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SETH. On the OC. You’re throwing your life away! Uh muh guh.

Moving right along. Spoke to friend who works for place I interviewed with, heard lots of positive things (including how they interviewed another person, yet she was 2 hours late and … BROUGHT HER BOYFRIEND?????), and how it took them a month to hire her, and a month and a half to hire the other research assistant. Today at work was the first time in months that I actually did something of importance, though I had to take off before final approval was made, and hmmm… might get into trouble because of that. Well, I had class. Though I tell you, I could have skivved. I heard the same stories that he told last week. I feel bad for the guy though. He gave us his patient profile and he’s a very serious diabetic, and it looks like he’s *very* depressed. He also takes Viagra, but only got 4 a month. I was like, ew. They guy was born in ’41. He’s an old mans.

But yeah. I’ve also made a decision about school. I am applying to Rutgers’ Post-Bacc program, so if I decide I don’t want to go into nursing afterall, I will have been given the tools to apply to any health program I want. I could even apply to med school. How scary is that?? I could actually do it! That would be an amazing accomplishment on behalf of my self esteem. Really. I would want to do research. I think I would want to do research no matter what degree I end up having (a BSN would be better than just an RN for clinical research, hence the initial decision to go back to Rutgers).

Mike is in DC for a few days, at a healthcare conference. He’s starting to scare me. I think he might actually run for office someday, and sooner than I think. The day he decides to not be an independant anymore is the day I know my life as a mere citizen is over. *sigh* Do you know how I fear being that helmet-haired politician’s wife? This is why I should just bury myself in research.

Yesterday I took off work (because my Dad says that I’m “expendable”) to sit while the satellite guy installed their 4 recievers. I was all confused. I know nothing about satellite tv. I have basic cable! And billing?? I am in no position to give any comments or answers about billing, because I do not want my dad to yell at me. No way. He’s not really terrible, he just has issues with loudness. But what really stunk about yesterday was that I got a cold. Boo. So now I am super sick. I didn’t bring any knitting with me, though I did watch “13 Going on 30” with my Mom after she got home. I could have done it then. My goal was to study, not knit, and at least I accomplished that in my expendable time.

I hope Robin the scardy cat sleeps with me tonight. She curls up in the crook of my knee and is just a precious little package of kitty. And since she only weighs 7 lbs, it’s the cutest thing ever. So teensy.

Mr. Parsley, on the other hand, well, let’s hope he’s feeling better. He took the most hugest crap on my carpet this morning. I heard this rubbery squeaking noise, went “WTF??” and looked at him just in time to see him lift up his tail and take the nastiest shit ever. I guess he couldn’t make it to the box, because he just went right on the carpet!! It smelled so bad!!! He’s never, ever done anything like that, and I really hope he’s not sick. But it was HUGE. Like, I don’t even crap that much when I go!! Ewww.


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