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January 19, 2006

I was probably right

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I am guessing that the job is not for me- though it would be so fun. I would need more training that they would want to give, I am betting. Not that I am dumb or anything, it’s just my background is language-oriented and they’re more spinal cord-oriented. Oh well. I wish their stroke research facility was hiring… puh puh partender! I should submit my resume just for fun. Because lord knows I need to get out of my current job like whoa!

Tonight I have pharm tech class. Wheee. I’m good at remembering the abbreviations. I hope we learn more though, it seems too easy. I mean, how educated will I come out of this? Will I be able to get a hospital job, or will I have to cut my teeth doing retail pharmacy? That would be so boo-hiss.

I started knitting “My So Called Scarf” out of Manos in this nice nut brown/gray/taupe colorway. It’s for DH. So far I am getting 2 rows/5 min. So 24 rows/hr. I think it’ll be a 10 hr scarf, guesstimating the yardage. I don’t know how many yards/row I am using. So I am about 4.5 hours in, and being that I’ll have an hour after class to watch The OC then I will probably be half done (“Sisters… and bosoms…”– gotta love Seth!). I’m thinking I’ll use up the rest of the 1st skein in that hour.

Contemplating signing up for Sockpaloooza. I don’t know. Maybe not. After I finish this scarf I am starting Clapotis. The yarn arrived way fast (thank you http://www.fuzzymable.com ), though I thought the colorway would have a lot more green in it (it is, afterall, called Green Mt. Madness). It’s mostly blues and a deep plum, with some green in there. It’s okay, just not what I was expecting. I’m too lazy to send it back, though. If I don’t like it when I’m, then I will give it to my Mommy.


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