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January 9, 2006


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Tonight I start my pharm tech course. It will supposedly prepare me for the certificate exam, but there’s no in-pharmacy training. I think I might have to pick my Mom’s brain on that (she’s a PharmD). I don’t need to be certified in my state (yet), but it will help me make more money. It was Mom’s idea to take the class, of course. I’m actually looking forward to it. Given the right environment, I can make as much as I do now, but I can work 2nd shift. Why 2nd shift? So I can go to school full time. Genius? Pretty much. But sleep? I don’t think so. I am looking forward to making the switch into healthcare, though. I should have listened to my Mom all along, and gone into nursing out of high school. But who listens to their mothers?

I want to be a nurse so badly, that I’m afraid that fate will muck it up and I won’t get in anywhere. I found out about 2 months ago that I can go back to Rutgers to get a 2nd degree, and I think I will do that if I don’t get into nursing school. Having a BS in something like Biochem would be fulfilling in the long run. I don’t really care if it’s hard, I do better when it seems impossible. So I will go back to school for something related to science. Don’t get me wrong, I loved studying linguistics and it was super challenging, but in the real world, it’s just not applicable on it’s own yet (unless you want to be a professor). Combine it with speech pathology, yes. Computers/robotics, yes. But I don’t really want to do either. At least it gave me a good foundation for solving really hard puzzles and taught me how to conduct my own research (instead of just looking things up at the library).

 Today is a good day at the office, the highly irritable secretary is O-U-T!!! Maybe she won’t come back in, and we can hire someone who actually likes life and herself. That would be so wonderful. Maybe then I would actually enjoy working here for the time being.

 Oh, I started this out to be more of a knitting blog, but my mind has been preoccupied. Obviously. I did finish a sweater a week ago. I swear. See? Proof. That really is me. And there are even my parent’s Christmas socks thrown in there. I keep a Livejournal so I can comment on their knitting community posts. And post things where people give me loads of compliments. Moo ha ha ha.

On the needles are the beginnings of Mike’s aran sweater (from an OLD Bernat book- The Bernat Book of Irish Knits). He deserves something, I never knit for him. And he requested this, so I really can’t say no to something he suggests, since he says he never wants anything. Also on the needles is that stupid lovely Angelina sweater. I had to order straight needles because the Addis are hard to hold if I’m knitting something flat. They cut into my palms and it just hurts. So knitting this sweater has been really painful and it’s taken 7 months to do just 10 inches. I hope the new needles work out!!


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