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January 8, 2006

Maybe she was sleeping?

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Kitty woke up, I suppose, or was moved. I hope that she’s ok.

I’m hoping that the school I’m applying to isn’t off next Monday, I need to go down there to speak to someone regarding my science requirements.  This is all such a huge headache. In high school, I did take all the classed I needed to take, but I didn’t do very well as I was extremely ill from ages 14-18. I barely passed chemistry lab, in other words, I didn’t get an F. I got a D for the year because I couldn’t do the lab when I was being (inadequately) home-schooled. This is all such a headache. I love science. I didn’t take any labs in college, though, because my major (linguistics) didn’t require them, and to graduate I didn’t have to take any labs. I took bs science courses to get As in (anthropology, human sexuality, and meteorology). SIGH. Will I ever get into nursing school? I think I should, just based on the fact that I have a BA, and nursing schools only give you an associate’s degree. So dumb. They’re so competitive, yet there’s a huge nursing shortage. Ridiculous. I wish that they didn’t look at my high school grades. They’re awful.


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    Comment by layssard — July 1, 2006 @ 6:54 pm

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